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Regional Italian cooking has swept across America, with Tuscan-style steakhouses and Milaneserisotterias attracting diners in search of authentic flavors of the Boot. (Of course, let's not forget our obsession with Neapolitan-style pizza.) As for Rome, what do 2.5 million locals and many more tourists share? 

The food of Rome is exciting, exacting and considered some of the most enjoyable in all of Europe, as Katie Parla argues thoughtfully in her new cookbook, Tasting Rome. Parla moved to Rome in 2003 after graduating from college and has studied the cuisine ever since — both in Italy and back home in the States. And as it turns out, there are some pretty great U.S. restaurants cooking these dishes, both traditionally and adapted. Here are the key Roman dishes to know — including the ultra-of-the-moment cacio e pepe — and where to find them.

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In 2014, we shared our favorite Napa Valley Hidden Gems with you, and we heard you when you asked for more.  With so many more to choose from, check out who made our latest favorites list. 

The slightly funky set-up of Foodshed combines made-to-order dishes with a display case of salads, pastries and desserts, along with prepared, heat-and-serve dinners to go (my favorite is the balsamic braised pork). The pizza slices are generous, tasty and inventive: A burrata option is indulgent, and a slice with béchamel and potato is the perfect comfort food. Salads are fresh and crisp, the polenta almond cake is not to be missed and there’s a fun selection of wine bottles sold at retail, most in the $15 range.

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Napa’s newest eatery isn’t really a newcomer; Foodshed Pizza & Pasta has just moved from a location in the industrial park near the Napa County Airport to a prime location for its takeaway food in north Napa at Trancas Street and Old California Way near Bel Aire Plaza. It opened Jan. 27.

In addition to being more convenient for potential customers, the operation has added considerably to its offerings, from added dinner menu items to wine, beer and spirits — and it will soon offer delivery for those as well as food.

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